Sunset Inflatable Fun Allrounder 10'4

Sunset Inflatable Fun Allrounder 10'4

The Sunset inflatable is ready to go straight out of the box, complete with all essentials: Rigid and stable design provides good glide and enjoyment. Two-way double-action pump makes inflating a breeze and is super light and convenient for travellers. The elastic cargo straps up front are ideal for storing a PFD or small backpack.

The 9" dolphin centre fin keeps the board stable and tracking in the intended direction. Outstanding volume for extra stability and long-lasting performance. Single layered and double walled with ultra durable military grade PVC, ensuring long life. All inclusive package includes a durable adjustable alloy paddle with PVC blade and a 10-inch coiled leash. The metal D-ring on the tail makes attaching your leash fast and easy, while a D-ring under the nose aids in towing or anchoring.

For Safety:

1.) NSP and SURF SUP Warehouse strongly encourages water safety and strongly recommends all paddlers wear a PFD (personal flotation device) or life jacket at all times

2.) It's equally essential that you wear a leg rope/leash to keep you attached to your board at all times.

3.) It's important to inform others when you are going out on the water and never paddle alone... it's always safer and more fun when paddling with others


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