DMS X-Wing

DMS X-Wing

THE X WING originated from the SuperCell, the X-Wing has a few add-ons to spice things up. We have stepped in the tail by the addition of a single flyer which helps act as a pivot point and helps with release off the top. The bottom contour runs single concave moved forward and a center channel for down the line speed and drive. This combined with a mid soft rail profile creates a ride that is fast flowing and suited to those who like to give it everything through open face hacks. Built with pattented INJECTION-TECH, the technology utilities the pressures and forces from the surfer and the wave itself, elastic energy. By strategically engineering the position of the reinforcing material on the bottom of the board, we create less resistance to torsional flex, allowing the board to flow through turns with a more drawn out turning arch.


*** Fins Not Included


5'4"  x  18.38"  x  2.13"    (21.4L)
5'6"  x  18.63"  x  2.25"    (23.5L)
5'8"  x  18.88"  x  2.38"    (26.0L)
5'10"  x  19.13"  x  2.5"    (28.7L)
6'0"  x  19.38"  x  2.63"    (31.2L)
6'2"  x  19.63"  x  2.75"    (34.0L)
6'4"  x  19.88"  x  2.88"    (37.0L)


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