NSP P2 Allrounder SUP EVA 8'0 (Blue)

NSP P2 Allrounder SUP EVA 8'0 (Blue)

The ultimate all-round SUP – a perfect blend of fun wave performance and flatwater paddling glide makes this board a trendsetter in the market:


–  Proven outline with semi pointed surf style nose with moderate nose lift, a forward wide point for stability and easy paddling.


–  Pulled in round tail for speed, manoeuvrability and control.


–  Single to double concave bottom and a light Vee through the tail, generates speed quickly and maintains the smooth flow from turn to turn.


–  Fin box options to optimize the conditions or to suit your preferred surf fin set up.


–  Available in three technologies: Cocomat, Elements and P2 Soft with eco-friendly bio-resin.


–  From flatwater cruising to fun surf days at the beach – the NSP Allrounder series has you covered.


–  Nose insert for GoPro

Note: If this model is out of stock, simply contact us through the live-chat and order the colour and size you like with one of our agents? If you're flying to Bangkok from abroad and you'd rather mail,

that's possible too.

If a shape is completely out of stock, we can order a one-off build, but the lead time is two months minimum.






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