NSP Coco Hybrid Foil Flax

NSP Coco Hybrid Foil Flax

The Cocoflax Hybrid Foil is the surfboard in the foil line-up of NSP. Constructed with our award-winning and most environment-friendly technology, the NSP CocoFlax Hybrid foil is your ticket to flying over swell that you wouldn’t even try to paddle into on a conventional surfboard.

Paddle in or get pulled in to swell that doesn’t even break – a hydrofoil will let you go where you’ve never surfed before. Rail: FullBottom: FlatIdeal (surf!) waves: 1-5ftLevel: Expert– Based on the 6’0” Hybrid shortboard, the Hybrid Foil is extremely responsive, manoeuvrable and fast.– Combining lightweight CocoMat technology with the new 2019 CocoFlax rails creates a lightweight, eco-friendly and sustainable Hybrid Foil.– 2 x Surf 10 boxes for hydrofoil attachment & 3FCS II boxes for surfing. Which leash? Depending on the conditions, you may want to adjust your leash setup. Our testers prefer not using a leash when foiling tow-in waves that don’t break. This allows you to get away as far as possible from the board when you crash or bail, and since the waves don’t break, recovering your board is easy. When paddling in, we recommend a belt leash for two reasons; it minimizes the drag or your setup and doesn’t get in your way as much as a conventional leash.

The Hybrid foil has the DNA of a surfboard with a thickness of just 2.5″ and as such, a proven mounting system like the twin-track setup works best for this board. By evenly spreading the force exerted on the board, in combination with the patent-pending CocoMat technology, the longevity of your surf foil is a given.

6'0 x 20.5" x 2.5" (35 L.)


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