NSP DC Surf Pro EP 7'6 CS

NSP DC Surf Pro EP 7'6 CS

NSP DC Surf Pro


Pro level surf performance – with two new short-board designs and new bamboo veneer deck. The Pro designs look stylish and offer increased levels in durability, while retaining a light overall weight. Light nose rocker and entry concave helps generate paddling speed. The single concave hull transitions to a double concave and slight vee through the tail. A refined overall plan shape offers the sensitivity required for high performance progressive wave riding. All boards feature vector net carbon rails, fused with fiberglass cloth and SLX epoxy and will be the perfect partner for the advanced SUP surfer to progress into and beyond the elite or pro levels.




  • - NSP pro surf, high performance designs by Dale Chapman- new vacuum bonded SLX epoxy with durable, stylish bamboo veneer deck
  • - Pro level tri-density deck pad
  • - Vectornet flex control rails
  • - Slick matt hand finished rails and speed hull
  • - Y handle
  • - 7'6 and 7'11 include a 5 FCS plug set up
  • - Fibreglass center fin and 2 x M3 sides included
  • - Goretex vent
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