NSP PU Hooligan

NSP PU Hooligan

PU Hooligan

The PU Hooligan is an aggressive high-performance longboard that will allow you to do some of your quickest and most dynamic carving you’ve ever done on a longboard. Riders wanting a performance longboard in PU Construction need to look into the NSP Hooligan. “Artisan” is the keyword here; these boards look gorgeous, either in Pacific Blue design or with clear lamination.

The Hooligan shape combines details from Kym’s shortboard outlines and refined rail profiles he has used with great success on his longboard designs. Concave and hollowed V’s interchange allowing for quick and dynamic directional changes.
Rail: Full, tucked edge
Bottom: Concave into VIdeal waves: 1- 6ft
Level: Beginner – ExpertThe PU Hoooligan design incorporates the responsiveness of a narrow shortboard tail and rail profile, to create a longboard that carves long, drawn-out lines and hits the lip.

– Advanced surfers will appreciate loads of hollowed V under their feet to give quick rail-to-rail turns.
– Show off all your surfing skills with a dynamic shortboard approach to rail-to-rail carving, then switch modes for classic nose riding and traditional longboard style.
– Use a small single fin for ankle slapper and add side biters and larger centre fin as wave size and swell increases.
– Bring out your inner surf hooligan, break down the traditional surf style rules and mix things up on the wave with an aggressively modern and classic style!

Due to growing demand, the PU Hooligan is available in two designs and also comes in our eco-friendly Cocoflax construction. Slightly thinner than the Cocoflax version, a PU Hooligan rewards accomplished riders with more responsiveness.

Shaper: Kym Thompson



Length Width Thickness Volume Weight +/- 5%
8'4'' 22" 2" ⁷/⁸ 61.3 Liters 5.83 kg
9'0'' 22" ¹/² 3" 69.8 Liters 6.86 kg

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