NSP Hydrofoil Airwave Mast 70 FW 1325 SET

NSP Hydrofoil Airwave Mast 70 FW 1325 SET

The new NSP Airwave mixes high-performance pre-preg carbon with precision milled anodized aluminum. The wings,  mast and fuselage designs have evolved over several iterations, combining stability, durability, price and performance.

Ty Judson – International NSP Teamrider:
The agility and speed that this foil offers is unbelievable when driving the foil into hard cutbacks…”


Perfect in small to medium-sized waves, the Airwave suits both light- and heavier riders. Designed for regular surfing and SUP, the NSP Airwave can be towed and the three included shims allow you to trim for different conditions:

2-degree tuning shim

With low-speed take-off and excellent rider feedback, the NSP Airwave lifts early. Efficient wing design in combination with an incredibly stiff fuselage and mast allow for an extra amount of control and stability, making the NSP Airwave perfect for all disciplines of foiling.

Bruno on his NSP Surf Foil 4’6” x 20” along with the Airwave and NSP Surf leash

Smooth elliptical curves give you the drive to surf and commit to effortless rail-to-rail transitions. Stability comes in buckets at all speeds, and glide characteristics are great. Foiling is all about feedback and this foil package gives you the feedback required to execute committed turns and extend your glide. A 1325 cm2 front wing in combination with the 330 cm2 back wing leverages your pumping action while creating appropriate lift and stability.

Precision manufacturing means 100% alignment of the wings and heavy-duty construction. The NSP Airwave is ideal for both entry-level and advanced foilers. Downwind specialists tell us this is one of the faster foils on the market right now, allowing riders to almost ride around other foilers on the same trip.

Surf, SUP or kite
Suitable for different kinds of foiling, your Airwave can be tuned with a wide range of aftermarket options to customize your unique foiling style. Different size masts, wings and back wings are all available; talk to your dealer!


Designed to spread the load, the anodized aluminum base features screw slots instead of holes, allowing for additional fine-tuning.


Built from anodized aluminum, the 70 cm mast minimizes drag and maximizes stiffness.


The centrepiece of the foil. this hydrodynamically shaped fuselage measures 70 cm. Made of anodized aluminum, it slots seamlessly onto the mast and holds the front wing, the back wing and the tuning shims.


FW 78
The pre-preg carbon front wing spans 78 cm and is 22 cm wide with a total size of 1,325 square cm. Three screws hold the front wing in place.


RW Flat
The pre-preg carbon back wing spans 39.5 cm and is 11 cm wide with a total size of 330 square cm. The back wing attaches to the fuselage with two screws.


Front wing 78cm (default) 1.2 kg
Rear wing 39.5cm (default) 200 grams
Airwave fuselage 70cm (default) 1.05 kg
Airwave mast 70cm (default) 1 kg
Airwave mounting Plate (default) 0.750 kg
Airwave assembled with shims and screws 5.05 kg

Front wing 85cm 1.55 kg (accessories)
Rear wing 42.0cm (M-style) 200 grams (accessories)
Airwave mast 60cm 1.45 kg (accessories)
Airwave mast 70cm (accessories) 1.7 kg
Airwave mast 80cm 1.9 kg (accessories)
Airwave mast 90cm 2.1 kg (accessories)
Airwave mast 100cm 2.3 kg (accessories)

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    ฿25,800Sale Price

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