NSP O2 Allrounder SR

NSP O2 Allrounder SR

The O² Allrounder SR is a new and improved inflatable by NSP. It comes with less flex than conventional inflatable SUP boards, will take a considerable amount of abuse and for anyone travelling the world, O² Inflatables represents the freedom of moving around without having to think about storage for your hardboard.


Ditch the roof racks today and score some paddle strokes on the fly. These go-anywhere inflatables are something else. Inspired by our most popular shapes, O² inflatables are perfect for cruising, touring, exploring and racing even.


Technical features of the O² Allrounder SR

– Reinforced stringer (0.8mm) on both deck and bottom
– 4 point cargo straps
– Neoprene handle
– D-rings nose and tail
– 9” Dolphin center fin
– High-pressure double action pump
– Deluxe lightweight backpack
– Diamond groove thermoformed pad for extra grip and durability


Deluxe backpack included


Dyneema® stringers
Inflatable SUP technology has already come a long way, and if you never experienced paddling an inflatable SUP, you are going to be surprised at the rigidity of an O² inflatable. To help our boards approach the riding characteristics of conventional hardboards even more, we developed Dyneema® stringer technology for flex control.

For even more functionality, the O² Allrounder FS offers additional functionality like a mast mount for windsurfing.



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