NSP O2 Touring FS

NSP O2 Touring FS

This is the O² Touring FS, loaded with options at a great price, so let your next adventure begin! Easily stored and well-suited for transportation, you get to say goodbye to roof racks. This shape is available in two sizes and comes with high-pressure Bravo double action pump and NSP’s Super deluxe backpack with two compartments.

What is SUP touring?
This type of paddling entails paddling for longer distances at a moderate pace without taking a break. If epic adventures (and core workouts) excite you, then SUP touring is going to be your next hobby. The best boards have a wider template to float more weight and additional gear. Most touring SUPs have a distinctly pointed nose, setting them apart from conventional shapes:


Your next adventure awaits. Easily store and carry your gear and let the exploring begin. The O² Touring FS is available in two sizes and comes with a high-pressure double action pump.

– Fusion reinforced double layer glueless pre-lamination
– 3” Scotty accessory mounts (2x)
– 4 point cargo straps nose and tail
– Neoprene carry handles (3x)
– Neoprene paddle holder on tail
– D rings on nose and tail
– 9” center fin
– Bravo double action pump
– Super deluxe dual compartment backpack
– Square groove thermoformed pad for extra grip and durability.
– Full line of Scotty accessories available aftermarket.

Comes with convenient dual-compartment backpack

Hardboard alternatives
For conventional hardboards, NSP offers the Elements Performance Touring. Paddlers wanting the very best in eco-friendly technology should look into the Cocomat Performance Touring, built from renewable and locally sourced resources.


  • 9" touring fin

  • Super deluxe dual compartment backpack

  • Double Action pump


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