NSP Wave 6.0 RTM Center Fin

NSP Wave 6.0 RTM Center Fin

RTM Technology
The NSP Wave 6 Centre Fin is an after-market accessory for riders wanting to upgrade their regular nylon fin cluster.

RTM, or “Resin Transfer Moulding” produces lightweight performance fins, offering great flex, speed, manoeuvrability and responsiveness.

Suitable for:
Riders wanting to upgrade their NSP Allrounder in Cocoflax or Elements construction to a fin with more bite, more performance and drive.

Riders who like to apply a lot of back foot pressure will find that there will be less sliding and more carving with the NSP Wave 6 Centre Fin.

Best used in a variety of all-round surf conditions, this RTM Performance fin (165.0 mm) is supplied with the DC Surf series, designed by Dale Chapman:


DC Surf Wide
DC Elements Surf SUP
DC Surf X
DC Surf Super X

The Wave 6 works best in combination with NSP RTM side fins, available in three sizes: J3 (112 5mm), J5 (115 mm) and J7 (120 mm).

Heavier riders will favour the bigger side bites like the J5 and J7. We recommend starting out with a Wave 6 and J3 combination when you want more performance form your wave SUP board.


165.0 mm


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