Walden Mini Magic - Dual Core

Walden Mini Magic - Dual Core

MINI MAGIC will float like a board that is 12-18" longer thanks to the EPS center and will feel & flex like your favorite Walden PU, thanks to the Dual-Core PU rail inserts. The MINI MAGIC Dual-Core is the most technologically advanced mid-sized surfboard on the market. It's time to feel the difference


***Fins Not Included

Available dimension

6'8" x 21" x  2.75"  (46.1L)
7'6"x 21.5"x 2.75" (52.1L)

Fusion Dual-Core is the perfect blend of EPS and PU foams engineered to give you the ideal feel while increasing the performance and flex of your board. The float and response comes from the EPS in the middle of the board while the PU on the rails gives you the fell and drive in and out of turns. These two foams are laminated together with a TPU which acts like a shock absorber in your board. The PU rail inserts maximize the swing-weight of your board for smoother airs and snaps. Give the Dual-Core a try and take your surfing to the next level.

1.) Fused Cell EPS Core (Dual-Core)
2.) HD-Epoxy Resin
3.) High Quality E-Glass
4.) Full Biax-Glass Deck Patch
5.)Pop-Flex Stringers
6.) PU Foam Rail Inserts (Dual-Core)
7.) Carbon Stringers
8.) Carbon Tail Patches
9.) Patent Pending Technology



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