NSP 3-Piece Carbon Hybrid Adjustable Paddle

NSP 3-Piece Carbon Hybrid Adjustable Paddle


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NSP 3-Piece Carbon Hybrid Adjustable Paddle

3pc Elements Carbon Hybrid Adjustable 86

NSP’s 3-piece lightweight, Carbon Hybrid adjustable paddle comes with 86 square inch blade (sqi) and offer the perfect performance package for schools, rental centers and people wo will often share their paddle with others. With a variable length of 170 centimetres, right up to 212 centimeters, the paddle is easily adjustable to fit the different requirements of a wide range of paddlers.

Combined with the Speedster racing blade, racers will benefit from a quick and precise catch. The parallel edge outline of the blade also helps release, allowing for a faster motion through the water. “Hybrid” refers to the mix carbon and fiberglass used in the production of the blade.

Speedster blades are perfect for sprint racing, downwind runs and long-distance paddling.

Blade Area: 81 sqi or 520cm2

Shaft Length: 170 – 212 cm


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