Channel Islands Performer 2 Tuflite

Channel Islands Performer 2 Tuflite

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Channel Islands Performer 2 Tuflite

The Channel Islands Performer 2 is the perfect mix of shape with the Tuflite Pro-Carbon. A great, durable longboard performer.

Lower entry rocker allows for increase wave catching and performance in small waves. The Channel Islands Performer 2 outline has a blunt nose, paddles and surfs fast with the same maneuverability of the original Performer.

If you’re looking to own a longboard that you can surf off the tail and crank hard turns like a much smaller board, the Channel Islands Performer 2 would make a great choice. In this Tuflite construction, the board is light, buoyant and highly durable, making it a great travel board.

“This board has accelerated rocker throughout and vee out the last third. Designed specifically with the modern longboarder in mind. Recommended as a single box fin with side biters.
Surf Ride Magazine


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