NSP Mini Tuttle Side Fins – (L+R)

NSP Mini Tuttle Side Fins – (L+R)


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NSP Mini Tuttle Side Fins – (L+R)

Due to high demand, we made the NSP Mini Tuttle Sidefins available again. NSP used this set in a variety of boards that were made in E2 construction, making them practically indestructible. This is why we continue to receive requests for these fins, because even though the board is bulletproof, fins tend to break, go missing and in some cases, people buy these boards second hand without fins.

Do you need a two- or three fin set?

The majority of surfboards using the Mini Tuttle Fin Set are thrusters, which means a set of three fins. But certain longboards and Stand-Up paddleboards also used Mini Tuttle Fins. They are different because they only require sidefins, with the center fin being a classic US-box (available anywhere).

International orders

We ship International with a flat fee of 400 THB (a little less than 13 USD or 11 EUR). You will be sent a tracking code and delivery should take between seven and ten working days.

Is this an older NSP board?

The original Mini Tuttle Fins were phased out of production over a decade ago. And the system was also used for certain SUP boards and longboards with US center fins. But all of the boards that had the original Mini Tuttle Fin benefitted from NSP’s original E2 construction which was exceptionally durable – this means that to this day it is not uncommon to find a board you can ride with these fins.

mini tuttle sidefins set 2 pieces

Notice the two black plugs on the tail section where the Mini Tuttle Fins screw-in

Does your board have two holes on top to attach the Mini Tuttle Sidefins?

If the answer is yes and the board you want to use is made by NSP, you probably need a Mini Tuttle Fin Set. This setup allows you to slot in a fin that sits flush inside the fin box, with a single flathead screw being accessible from the deck of your board. To see what this looked like inside the board, check out the cutout diagram below:

Mini Tuttle Fin diagram

Diagram of the Mini Tuttle Fins and the single screw

Is there an alternative to Mini Tuttle Fin sets?

Yes there is – if you don’t want to order Mini Tuttle Fins but use your own FCSII fins instead, there is a set of adapters available as well. Installing them takes a little more assembly than the regular Mini Tuttle Fin Set as they were designed for easy, single-screw usage. But by pairing your FCSII fins with the Mini Tuttle mounting system, they are ready to be screwed into your NSP board:


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