nuu Socialight

nuu Socialight

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nuu Socialight

nūu’s Socialight surfboard is an easy-on-the-eye stretched egg outline.

Created by Marcie O’Neill, nūu boards are boutique surfboards with a satin rub finish, vintage-style elements, containing key contemporary shape elements. The Whistlepunk is a classic log, while the Facepalm is the fish/twinnie of the range.

Egg outline pulled into area pin for control in juice and full rail turns. Mid-widepoint gives the Socialight a big “sweetspot” which means you can surf this board from forward or back with equal control.

Flat entry rocker for getting in early and speed in forward trim, easing into a smooth performance tail rocker.

Low-performance rail compliments the fine foil of this board with no sacrifice of trim speed due to wide planning area. Mellow V  throughout increasing slightly in front of fin and out through tail to make rail to rail transitions silky smooth and shed water through arcs.

Genuine all-rounder. experimentation with fins and position to suit conditions will give the Socialight unlimited potential.

nuu socialight


7’6” x 22 ³/⁴” x 2¹¹/¹⁶” – 48.1 L

8’0” x 22” x 2 ¹⁵/¹⁶ – 57.7 L

Core: EPS 36 g.

Layup Deck: 6 oz. + 4 oz. / 4 oz. Patch

Layup Bottom: 6 oz. + 4 oz. Finpatch

Stringer: 6 mm.

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