Sharp Eye Disco Cheater E2

Sharp Eye Disco Cheater E2

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Sharp Eye Disco Cheater E2

Sharp Eye’s Disco Cheater Fusion-E2 is a copy of the Disco model with all its features, the same rocker, foil and concaves. It is an evolved recreation of the original Disco’s outline, but with adding more area overall. More stable and easier to catch waves on those very small days.

Fin Boxes
Disco Cheaters come with a five-fin cluster of tried & proven FCS II boxes. Their website says: “Simple pre-glass finbox installation makes a tight foam-to-foam connection for optimal torsion strength that just might be the difference between continuing your session after a collision with something or having to replace your inbox.

Shape of the Sharp Eye Disco Cheater E2
The Disco Cheater still turns like the Disco and it should be a great addition to the quiver if you want a more relaxed design that can surf in anything.

Head shaper and Sharp Eye founder Marcio Zouvi has designed the Disco Cheater as a small wave tool for attacking average surf in California, but this kind of generous shortboard would definitely make a great ‘go-to’ ride for the vast majority of surf.

Its Fusion E2 construction is built around a stringerless EPS blank with exclusive carbon strips added to both the deck and bottom adding strength and brilliant flex memory for the board’s lifespan. The carbon strip on the deck has a small gap running the length which has virtually eliminated any ‘chatter’ sometimes associated with EPS boards. The deck is glassed with a 4oz glassing topped with a layer of 4oz biax to be light and strong. The bottom is glassed with a single layer of 6oz.


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