Sharp Eye Modern2 Fusion E2

Sharp Eye Modern2 Fusion E2

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Sharp Eye Modern2 Fusion E2

Sharp Eye’s Modern 2 Fusion E2 is a crossbreed between the famous Mr. Twin of the 80’s and the high-performance thrusters of today. Filipe Toledo wanted a board for training in small, mushy conditions and asked for “something different” than what he rides on the tour.

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Modern 2 Fusion E2

Filipe Toledo roughing up medium- to small-sized waves

This board will change the way you surf small mushy to head high waves. The Modern 2 Fusion E2 has incredible speed and drive due to the combination of concave and rail shape.

Round and full, but also soft and forgiving. You do notice the rails getting a little sharper as they get closer to the wing, but in combination with the decreased tail width, it all “works” together really, really well. allowing you to make tight turns in the pocket with plenty of bite.

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The Modern 2 is a mash-up of the legendary Mark Richards twin of the 80’s and a performance swallowtail thruster of today. The resulting board is all about fun, for fast and loose surfing in mediocre summer conditions.

Head shaper and Sharp Eye founder Marcio Zouvi has shaped this board for smaller and softer summer waves in California, but in reality, it would work here in the UK and Europe year-round in our less punchy and generally smaller conditions. The Modern 2 carries its volume forward which has a positive effect on its paddle speed and wave catching and the bottom contours start with vee upfront which is enhanced between the feet for rapid rail-to-rail transitions. The vee then transitions into a scooped double concave for drive and ‘bite’ at the twin fins and then returns to vee exiting the tail.

Fusion E2 construction is very exciting indeed and definitely adds some performance to an already lively surfboard. The new Fusion E2 construction is built around a stringerless EPS blank with exclusive carbon strips added to both the deck and bottom adding strength and brilliant flex memory for the board’s lifespan. The carbon strip on the deck has a small gap running the length which has virtually eliminated any ‘chatter’ sometimes associated with EPS boards. The deck is glassed with a 4oz glassing topped with a layer of 4oz biax to be light and strong. The bottom is glassed with a single layer of 6oz.

This is a gem of a board that you can customize with some different fin choices. The Modern 2 definitely comes alive with a Twin+Trailer fin set which allows the board to pivot at the wing and snap some turns but still nice and drivey to make sections with little effort or pump. The board still works with a standard thruster set but you may wish to slightly reduce the size of your back fin to optimise the pivot. Riding with a thruster fin set might be a little more predictable for a less experienced rider and would offer a bit more control in larger waves at the upper end of the Modern 2’s comfort zone.

This is a match made in heaven…a brilliant board for average conditions constructed from what is going to be one of the very best technological advances in surfboard manufacture; a tech which is light, durable (not bulletproof) which injects life particularly into boards which excel in smaller conditions.”

Fin Boxes

A Modern 2 comes with a thruster setup  of tried & proven FCS II boxes. Their website says: “Simple pre-glass finbox installation makes a tight foam-to-foam connection for optimal torsion strength that just might be the difference between continuing your session after a collision with something or having to replace your inbox.

* Fins not included


Custom Finish, epoxy core with a carbon flex tail, at an affordable price point

– Secure cell EPS Core
– 6 + 4 oz deck (Fish & Hybrid)
– 6 + 6 oz deck (Fun & longboards)
– 6 + 4 oz + 4 oz patch bottom
– Carbon Flex Tail
– Bio epoxy resin
– Twin tab finbox x 3 (Fish, Hybrid, Funboard) 2+1 Fin configuration (Longboard)

Durability, value and performance – the go-to board for any recreational surfer.

– Exclusive HDT molding technology delivers highly accurate shape reproduction with dynamic flex characteristics.

– EPS SecureCell core is wrapped in lightweight fiberglass and molded creating a durable shell.

– Eco-friendly bio-resin is a game-changer.

Our high-end eco-friendly technology. Superior performance boards, made from coconut husks. Amazingly light, yet strong!

–  NSP uses raw coconut husk fibers from naturally sustainable plantations with eco-friendly bio-resin.

–  Visually unique board with an unmatched strength to weight ratio.

–  Light to carry, easy to maneuver and even lighter to paddle.

–  Responsive flex and strength gives confidence to push your limits in the conditions.

Amazingly light, yet strong, high end eco-friendly performance boards featuring natural Flax rails.

In 2019, NSP introduces uni-directional (UD) Flax fiber rails to our already eco-friendly Cocomat series. Flax is a highly durable reinforced fiber made from the flax seed plant and will help to reduce the use of fiberglass, in turn, reducing our overall carbon footprint.

• Natural Flax fiber rail and tail patch
• Visually unique board with an unmatched strength to weight ratio.
• Light to carry, easy to maneuver and even lighter to paddle. Responsive flex and strength gives confidence to
push your limits in the conditions.

A classy handmade board using heritage construction techniques with modern deep gloss color tints.

–  Traditional custom shaped polyurethane (PU) core combined with wood stringer.

–  Proven designs from master shaper Kym Thompson.

–  Highest quality materials finished with a super deep gloss for a custom board finish.

P2 technology focuses on safety first and ease of teaching.

–  The P2 core is NSP’s SecureCell EPS, fully glassed in a durable fiber epoxy shell with eco-friendly bio-resin.

–  Finished with a soft-top deck with protected rails and slick PE bottom.

–  All P2 Soft boards are fitted with high end accessories for safety and ease of use.

–  Rubber bumpers on nose and tail and neoprene handles on selected models for instructor board control.

–  P2 series offers a proven return on investment for surf school/rental operators worldwide.

–  P2 boards come with Bolt Through fins.

Unrivalled strength and high durability.

–  Ultimate choice for rental centers with proven return on investment.

–  Deploys extremely tough military grade fibers and ASA sheet creating a ballistic skin on deck and bottom.

–  EPS SecureCell core and eco-friendly bio-resin.

Injection Tech is a patented precision-engineered torsion control system designed to optimise surfboard performance.


 Injection Tech utilises the pressures and forces from the surfer and the wave itself, elastic energy. By strategically engineering the position of the reinforcing material on the bottom of the board, we create less resistance to torsional flex, allowing the board to flow through turns with a more drawn out turning arch.

 The continuous length of reinforcing material is injected through the core of the board, from the bottom through to the deck, to increase drive, torque and pop in the tail region, much like the tail fin of a dolphin or tuna, generating speed and power.

The complete rail of an Injection Tech is kept free of any reinforcing elements to ensure a smooth even flex from nose to tail. This load and release flex works in unison with the rail to rail transition of the surfer generating speed and drive, different again to the Carbon Wrap technology

Designed and patented by HaydenShapes founder Hayden Cox, FutureFlex is an affluent mix of modern custom designed materials and modern design innovation for high performance surfing. The construction combines a stringer-less, high-density custom shaped EPS core laminated with biaxial fiberglass, epoxy resin and a parabolic carbon fiber frame.

The carbon fiber frame within the laminate is the key to the performance vitality of the overall product. Designed to maximize speed and drive while minimizing twist, FutureFlex essentially stores and releases energy as the surfer transitions through a turn. Tom Carroll, who was the very first person, after Hayden, to test drive the first ever FutureFlex, describes the tech as “the Ferrari of surfboards” for it’s fast-twitch nature and lively response. The FutureFlex construction creates a fast, dynamic and highly responsive surfboard that’s been design engineered for performance surfing ranging from the intermediate to advanced level.



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