Surf SUP Race Fin

Surf SUP Race Fin

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Surf SUP Race Fin

NSP’s Surf SUP Race fin is suitable for pros and intermediates alike.  Great for efficiency, tracking, stability, speed and acceleration.

Titouan PuyoTravis GrantMarcus Hansen, Alain Teurquetil and Trent Pedersen all contribute to the design of the fin.

NSP Surf Race fin 20 is carefully crafted to deliver the desired fin properties required in SUP racing. Surf SUP 20 is a more appropriate fin for beach racing, buoy racing and the ability to pull off consistent kick turns.

Foil design is specifically for the speeds of SUP Race boards.

Forgiving foil design minimises drag even at high angles of attack.

Plane form minimises tip vortices while stabilising the board at speed.

Flex properties produce smooth and stable board reactions, even in chop, bumps and rough conditions.

Generates forward lift when swell energy passes over the unique foil design, giving the rider a forward speed boost that is noticeable, resulting in faster runs.

Light weight and strong.

Designed and developed exclusively by the NSP race team, this fin now standard with all NSP Pumas.


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