Surftech Escape TEKEfx

Surftech Escape TEKEfx

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Surftech Escape TEKEfx

The Sport Touring TEKefx is excellent in both chop and fat-water so it’s ready for any excursion.

With good stability, glide, effciency and speed, it has outstanding ocean performance, but would also be ftting for a smoother day on the lake.

The TEKefx construction has vibrant blue or green graphics, classic bamboo veneer, and a high gloss fnish that keeps this board looking good over time. Included with 4 tie-downs allows you to secure all your gear, so pack it up and go spend the entire day on the water.

ADDITIONAL FEATURES: Light Weight Bamboo veneer 3/4 DeckPad Deck tie downs Ledge style handle High gloss fnish


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