Robert August has had a steady influence in the growth of surfing and surf culture since starring in the iconic ‘Endless Summer’ movie in 1963. Since that time, Robert has carefully crafted a brand that is recognized worldwide as a symbol of surfing's true lifestyle culture and authentic heritage.


Robert August Surf Company has entered into licensing by signing numerous deals that expand and further reinforce the brand's core roots in the surfing community. 

2/36 H-Cape, Sukhaphiban 2 Rd, Prawet, Bangkok 10250 Thailand

2/36 เอชเคป, ถนนสุขาภิบาล 2, แขวงประเวศ​, เขตประเวศ กรุงเทพฯ 10250

Phone: Thai / English: +66 98 286 1290

Thai / English: +66 23 288 601 

English: +66 98 286 121​0