Thailand's top 8 surf spots

Speak of surfing in Southest Asia, apart from Indonesia and Phillipines, Thailand is another surf detination where surfers around the world coming for a cozy combination of warm water ,fresh coconut juice, and delicious Thai foods.

This article will guide where to start exploring surf sports in Thailand and it might lead you to another secret spots which have never been discovered... South (Andaman Sea) Ranong Of course we are talking about the island which is well-known for great vibe and good atmosphere, Koh Phayam. The most popular surfing spot is at Aow Yai. Driving from Bangkok or flying to Ranong are both good idea .You can get to the island by boat from mainland,Paknam pier to Phayam Pier (check their schedule time). There are two surfing times for this island: April – May and October- December. Apart from these periods the island normally closes. We suggest you to check the availability and wave condition before booking your flight. Feature: beach break Season: April – May and October - December Surf lesson/board rental: Phayam Surfers

Photo: Magic Seaweed, Pelle Sundin


Phuket is well-known as the surf destination of Thailand. You can surf at almost every beach.The character of each beach is somewhat different. Some are beach break, some are reef break. Kata beach is the most popular for surfing here, which is more crowded than others. But every beach is surfable whether it is Nai thorn Beach, Nai Harn Beach, Surin Beach, Kamala Beach, or Patong Beach.There are board rentals at every beach as well. Longboarders and shortboarders can surf the waves here depends on size of the waves which varies through tide. Some beaches have rip currents, instead of relying on wave- checking application, it’s good to check wave condition for own safety with locals or beach guards. Feature: beach break, reef break Season: May - October Surf lesson/board rental: Andaman Sea Surf Phuket Thailand (Patong Beach)

Photo: Facebok Andaman Sea Surf

Phang Nga After Memories beach has become increasingly well-known among Thais and foreigners. More and more surfers visit this former so-called a secret beach. The waves here are perfect for long boards and short boards, with powerful waves like typical Andaman Sea waves. If you are lucky, during the monsoon season –check the wind – check the period, sometimes surfing here has no different from surfing in Bali. Feature: beach break Season: May-October Surf lesson/board rental: Better Surf Thailand , Pakarang Surf School

Photo: Magic Seaweed, User1229713

South – (Gulf of Thailand)

Nakorn Si Thammarat

Sichon beach is where the waves are suitable for shortboarders and longboarders. The line might not be as clean as you imagine but try spending some time, when you get familiar to the wave , it gives you so much fun. Locals here are watersports people and coffee lovers. They are more than happy to wake up early to drip some coffee for you and get you stacked on their motorbike to finds new surf sports to enjoy. Feature: beach break Season : November – February Surf lesson/ board rentals: Blue Surf Café

Photo: Magic Seaweed, user: Nanthanee Prasitjutrakul


Samila Beach and Natub Bech is where surfers gather. Here is more like a new spot and there’s a lot to explore. Contact Samila Surf Club, expertise locals can advise you to surf on secret beaches. The wave character is likely to be slowly disintegrates, easy to surf for beginners. Feature : beach break Season: November - February Surf lesson / board rentals: Samila Surf Club

Photo: Facebook Samila Surf Club East – (Gulf of Thailand) Rayong 3 hours away driving from Bangkok, that is why Rayong became another popular surf spot lately - especially for Bangkok surfers .Mae Rampueng Beach is where the popularity stays. It is located near Khao Laem Yah National Park - where you can SUP paddling to enjoy fertile nature. The waves here are wind waves. The long beach front area making it suitable for beginners and longboarders For those who like to practice paddling – if you can catch the waves here, you are most likely to catch the waves anywhere!

Feature: beachbreak Season: June – September Surf lesson / board rentals: Leam Yah Rayong Surf Club

Photo: Magic Seaweed,User1036780

Chanthaburi There are wind waves just like on Rayong. Popular spots are at Chao Lao Beach and Kung Krabaen Bay.Both spots have wide beach fronts – suitable for longboarders and beginners . Kung Krabaen Bay can be surfed with longboards . At the bay there will be rip currents. Ask locals or surfing with friends would be more safe.Chanthaburi’s season is just like the same as Rayong. In late December – February there might be some winter waves. If you would like to try Chanthaburi in Thailand winter season, do check the wave checking application regulary. Feature: beach break Season: June – September Surf lesson / board rentals: Chanthaburi Surf Tribe

Photo: Chanthaburi Surf Tribe

Southern Central Hua Hin Tracking back to 3 years ago, saying you can surf in Hua Hin – a town of retired foreigners – no one would give a credit for that. Khao Takiab Beach has become another popular beach for Bangkok surfers. Long boarders can enjoy the waves here. Especially surfing during the cold season in the morning, you will enjoy the best wave together with cool air. The waves here are perfect for beginners.

Feature: beach break Season: November – February Surf lessons/ board rentals: Logger’s Paradise Hua Hin Surf Club , Weekend Surf Club

Photo: Facebook Page Surf Away

Hope this article get you some ideas. Comment below to share your surfing days in Thailand with us! #SSWH

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